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Why Seek Accreditation

The world is becoming a global market where all the customers can reach them easily and purchase the goods and services. There should be a perfect standard fixed for the benefit of the customers. If not there are chances for the duplication or low standard products dominate the good ones. The accreditation process of complete quality check and certification helps a lot to all the customers and quality producers all over the world.

The proper understanding the need of equivalency of the products and the services in all the countries without considering any sort of boundaries is more important. The policies and the laws of the government in the countries should also to be met with the standard of the products and services.

The role of the accreditation body is to plan and implement proper rules which meet all the criteria and decide the value of the products which meets the expectation of the consumer or purchaser.

SACB has the clear concept on the private sector Assessment Bodies (AB) and who require less policing and good support to ensure that the product or services meet the requirements and expectations of the local or global businesses

Accreditation is a voluntary process. Even though, formal third party attestation of a Conformity Body may become helpful to prove its competence. Accreditation enables it to do this.