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What is Accreditation ?

What is accreditation?

Any kind of national or international services or product, it should maintain the standards of quality and the purchaser should be completely satisfied as per their expectation. The customer satisfaction includes the quality, price and the durability of the products. There should be a standard in the products which needs perfect supervision and control. The certification provided for producers when they meet the standards fixed as per the rules and regulations is called accreditation.

Certification after testing

There are several types of products and services which needs the standard quality to be fixed to benefit the purchaser. All the field of products such as construction, energy, environment, drinking water, health and transport comes under the supervision of this process. Proper valuation and laboratory analysis are done to decide the standard and quality of the products and services. When the needed standard is met by the products then they are certified as a guaranteed product.

Supervision of the conformity-assessment body

An accreditation body takes care of both the company management system and technical competency of the conformity-certifying body. The quality of the testing and certification is supervised perfectly by the accreditation body in order to make the process perfect.