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Food-Safety : ISO 22001

Food safety recites to the attendance of food carried ventures in food at the point of intake. Because food safety ventures can be acquaint at any stage of the food chain, sufficient control throughout the food chain is substantial. ISO 22001 Standard determines the necessary relating food safety management systems in every food chain, right from the producers of feed, the basic industry producers to the food producers, retailers, carriers, and catering establishments. The standard consists of terms relating program of essential prerequisites and the operating programs of essential prerequisites.

The standard includes the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system and the application steps are framed by Codex Aliment Arius Commission; This ISO standard performs for the registration and certification of Food Safety Management Systems done by an outer organization, for self-assessment of organization, or more peculiarly for issuing accordance own proclamation with this particular international standard. Mainly ISO 22001 benefits in ensure high quality services and production process constancy.