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About Us

The operations of SACB are completely under the control of the Board of Director. The Board authorized officials to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SACB is responsible to implement the SACB policies and other actions based on them.

Decisions make regarding the permission of the accreditation. Impartiality Committee representing the broad range of stake holders reviews and clearly takes prompt decisions on possible conflicts of interest.

SACB is assigned by other Organization and the Conformity Assessment Bodies, it recognizes by the good qualities and bodies requesting support for the mission and aims of SACB and making sure that their actions are done as per that policy.

Vision Statement

Performing the higher level service to the global businesses and consumers is our vision.

We perform our duties and reach our vision successful and implementation of an Accreditation System

Mission Statement

The development of the Quality,Standardization, and Accreditation are the major aspects of our mission.


Leading non government ( private sector) Trade Supported as per the policy of International Trade Centre to provide a well planned action, clear recognition and accreditation to service providers in the field of quality, health & safety, environmental, information security & technology, food safety.

To accredit as per industry accepted criteria, guides and act as per the rules with the relevant international criteria.